Family 2some Results



Family 2some Results


The Family 2some Tournament held April 5, 2008 at Galaxy Lanes was a great success.

We had 36 entries.  The winners were:

Bantam: 1st Place Jay & Easton Thewes
2nd Place Ryan & David McCoy
Prep: 1st Place John & Jared Bowen
2nd Place Sarah & Crissy Prince
Juniors: 1st Place Brendan & Mike Mullins
2nd Place Caleb & Calvin Fridley
Majors: 1st Place JR Phillips & Channon Pannell
2nd Place Tyler Poberts & Patrick Holbrook

The Andrew Canterbury Scholarship winners (based on High Scratch Series) were:

Bantam: Easton Thewes
Prep: Jared Bowen
Juntio: Chris Null
Major: JR Phillips