Area Bowling Centers



Tournaments 2009
Dunbar Lanes    1212 Ohio Ave, Dunbar WV       768-2191

Galaxy Lanes                       6545 MacCorkle Ave SE, Charleston, WV       925-1156

Towne 'n Country Lanes        409 First Ave, Nitro WV                                727-2259

Venture Lanes                      6300 MacCorkle Ave, SW, Charleston, WV     768-7307


The "house representatives" for each bowling establishment is as follows:
Dunbar Lanes - Missy Sturm, Randy Gilbert
     Galaxy Lanes - Jerry Maxwell, Pam Phillips
     Towne n Country - Tim Allen, Ruth
     Venture Lanes - Shirely, Redman, Karen Kincaid


These people will be the transfer point between their respective house and the Association. Awards, newsletters, flyers, tournament applications, whatever needs to be conveyed will be performed by them.